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Meniscus Radial Fiber Network
Post injury cartilage histology
SEM of electrospun scaffold after notch failure
Three dimensional arboreal structure of the radial network
Meniscus histology indicating proteoglycan deposition
Interfacial collagen deposition in a tissue engineered scaffold
Research: About Me


I have spent my scientific career working with an interdisciplinary group of scientists, engineers, and clinicians to understand how meniscus injury and treatment impacts the joint as a whole organ. Currently, I am interested in the mechanobiology of the meniscus, particularly with respect to inflammation and load maintenance after injury. I'm also working in the translational space with biomaterial analogs of orthopedic soft tissues.

These interests are largely translational, and I like to think about pre-clinical animal models to create effective therapeutics and drive clinical decision making in the orthopedic space, especially when considering injury

My dissertation work was focused on the knee meniscus -- specifically the impacts of its complex extracellular matrix and how that matrix changes during growth and after meniscal injury.

Research: About Me


In addition to my research, I am a reviewer for various basic science articles focusing on meniscal and cartilage tissue engineering, injury, repair, biomaterials, biomechanics, and mechanobiology.

I also serve with the ORS Meniscus Section as the head of the Communications and Networking Committee. In particular, we are focused on engaging early stage PhD students in the community and creating opportunities for networking and therefore, informal mentorship for students.

Research: About Me
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